Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Metric Concert

This is a little bit late, but last Friday, I attended the Metric concert at Centennial Hall, here in London. I probably wouldn't have gone to the show on my own, but a friend was going and asked, so I went along. I have always liked Metric in the past, even though their songs have been kind of hit or miss for me. The last album, Fantasies (which they were on tour promoting) was disappointing in my opinion, with only a couple songs I really liked.
I'm not sure If it was the fact that Metric was touring that album, the fact that I was on the balcony, the performance itself, or some combination of the three, but I just wasn't too impressed. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, and they did play some favourites like Poster of a Girl and Dead Disco, which was nice to see, but I really wasn't feeling it overall. I just wasn't drawn in, and there was nothing particularly special about the performance.
One positive was the performance of The Stills, who I love (probably more than Metric themselves) and have seen before when they came to Call the Office, also in London. While their albums have also been disappointing since their killer debut, Logic Will Break Your Heart, I think I just like their music better, and thought their performance was solid.
Additionally, I do like Emily Haines' solo work more than Metric, and was hoping she would maybe perform one of those songs, but no such luck. Haines actually also is featured in a Stills song, but that was not performed either.
Again, I'm not saying there was much BAD about it, but it certainly wasn't the best concert I have ever been to.
Note to self: If I see Metric again, get floor tickets.


Monday, October 26, 2009


She just keeps on rolling! About an hour ago, Liz was announced to be one of the top 8 in the MuchMusic VJ Search 2.0! This is huge, and she definitely deserves to be there, beating out other talented hopefuls to make the jump from 16 to 8. This is a great step for Liz, but she still needs your support so keep on voting, as well as become her fan on facebook and follow her on twitter if you haven't already done so. Let's get her on the air on a regular basis, and get some recognition to our favourite indie bands. Liz will do nothing but help MuchMusic!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zero 7

I have finally gotten around to listening to the new Zero 7 album, Yeah Ghost, And I must say, it is pretty good. For their 4th album, they opted to go with some new vocalists (previous albums featured the likes of Sia Furler and Jose Gonzalez), which is a good move, but I really don`t like the new folks as much as the old ones. There was something about Sia`s voice that just fit with Zero 7`s music, and I think that some of the songs on Yeah Ghost would be better with Sia and maybe some different choices than were made. Not to say the songs are bad, I just would have chosen some different vocalists. As for the sound, It is very in line with their previous work, incorporating many different styles with a focus on electronic beats and a low-key, relaxing tone. Highlights for me include Everything Up (Zisou), Medicine Man, and Ghost Symbol. Definitely worth checking out.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

This has been a long overdue post but by far one of my favourite current groups. Here is Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros appearance on Letterman.

I highly recommend looking into some of their other work. The recorded versions are all equally as wonderful.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Matt & Kim

A while ago, Liz recommended a bunch of bands, and I was unable to check all of them out. One of these bands was Matt & Kim, a duet from New York. Their second album, Grand, was released early this year, and I have just recently started listening to them, after I heard one of their songs in a TV show. I really like their sound, upbeat, catchy tunes that remind me a bit of another duo and personal favourite, Mates Of State. The album is pretty good, can get a little sick of them after multiple listens, but definitely worth checking out. The most popular song would have to be "Daylight" which is one of my favourites, as is "Cutdown" and "Lessons Learned."


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congratulations Liz!

Congrats to Liz (She) for making the top 16 in the MuchMusic VJ Search 2.0! The contest is just beginning, but after seeing some of the other finalists, I am confident that Liz can go far into the competition, and just might win the whole thing. And if that happens, maybe she can get some of our wonderful bands we discuss on here, the exposure they deserve! Make sure you follow the show and vote for her when possible! Show the love!
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to vote 5 hot/ 5 cool stars.

- &Him