Friday, March 13, 2009


If you haven't heard of Phoenix, then it's understandable, but you really are missing out. The "Strokes"-esque indie-rock band debuted in 2006 with It's Never Been Like That, which has possibly one of the most catchy (and definitely one of my favourite) songs, "Consolation Prizes." I had kinda forgotten about that album and neglected the rest of it (other than that one song), until it was announced that their follow-up Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was going to be released later this year. With the announcement, the single "1901" was released, and I must say, It's quite awesome. The dominant jangly guitar sound from the first album is replaced by a more synth/electronic-focused sound, but it really works and makes for a great song. With this song, it also made me go back and listen to more of Its Never Been Like That, which I had previously ignored. I'm glad I did, becuase it really is a great album, and makes me look forward to Wolfgang even more.